Editorial Board

From the Editorial Board

The grand vision of the Colour Turn is to serve community of researchers at large and to provide an opportunity, especially for young and talented researcher to publish and access to a digital database of colour research worldwide. The mission of the Colour Turn is to offer editorial and review boards of highly recognized experts in the field of colour research as well as to provide an all-inclusive publishing environment. The editorial board offers a wide range of contributions spanning from conceptual, theoretical, methodological, scientific and administrative advices as well as setting visions and missions of the Colour Turn journal.


Prof. Dr. Susanne Marschall 

Institute for Media Studies

University of Tübingen, Germany


Prof. Dr. Robert Horres

Japanese Studies

University of Tübingen, Germany


Dr. Anette Werner

Department of Experimental Ophthalmology

University of Tübingen, Germany







Advisory Board

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