Call for Papers

A Note to Authors

The Colour Turn journal invites high-quality papers and articles from various perspectives in the field of colour studies and encourages junior as well as senior researchers to submit their work. A broad spectrum of approaches, from empirical, analytical, descriptive-comparative, conceptual, theoretical, methodological, epistemological, ontological, behavioural, anthropological, and historical approaches to colour research are welcome.

The journal publishes research papers, academic reviews and articles in six key investigative domains:Colour and the Mind, Colour and Nature, Colour and Technology, Colour and Communication, Colour in Art and Media, and Colour in Culture and Society.

Call for Papers

The submission is open throughout the year!

Please submit your papers at: submission[at]

Submission Guidelines

The language of the Colour Turn journal is standard British English. We recommend the following format for a manuscript submission:

  • Title of the paper (Max. 25 words)
  • Author/s and affiliations
  • Contact informations, i.e. e-mail
  • Abstract (Min. 250 words)
  • Keywords
  • Main text (Min. 3500 words)
  • Notes (if applicable)
  • Figures, Tables, and Graphs (if applicable) (*Please kindly note the copy right issues)
  • Bibliography/references: please refer to the Autor-Date system in Oxford Style
  • Appendices


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