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(Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations, Intergenerational Foundation), FRFG, IF


Ader, Moritz
Agmon, Shai, Molad – The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy
Albert, Richard, Boston College Law School
Albrecht, Clara
Allam, Miriam
Ambrusné, Éva Tóth, Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations
Arhelger, Malte, World Future Council
Auerbach, Bruce
Auerbach, Bruce, Albright College (United States)
Auerbach, Bruce E., Albright College, Department of Political Science


Barbosa, Pedro, European Commission Representation in Portugal
Baumgärtner, Stefan, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Sustainability Economics Group
Beaver, Alessy
Bidadanure, Juliana, University of York, School of Politics, Economics and Philosophy
Bidadanure, Juliana, European University Institute (Italy)
Binagwaho, Agnes, University of Global Health Equity, Rwanda
Birnbacher, Dieter, University of Düsseldorf
Birnbacher, Dieter, University of Düsseldorf, Institute of Philosophy
Bontly, Thomas D., University of Connecticut
Braam, Anna, University of Oldenburg
Brenner, Lukas, University of Marburg
Burke, Joseph, FRFG


Campos, Abel, European Court of Human Rights
Chatziathanasiou, Konstantin, Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods

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