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Vol. 6, No 1 (2020) Housing crisis: How can we improve the situation for young people?


Lindsay B. Flynn


Right to housing for young people: On the housing situation of young Europeans
and the potential of a rights-based housing strategy

Veronika Riedl

Do young people stand alone in their demand to live alone? The intergenerational
conflict hypothesis put to test in the housing sector

Laura Naegele, Wouter De Tavernier, Moritz Hess, Sebastian Merkel

Discussion Paper

Discussion Paper for the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations -
The housing crisis as a problem of intergenerational justice: The case of Germany
Elena Lutz

Book Reviews

Gregory W. Fuller: The Political Economy of Housing Financialization
Tod Van Gunten

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The IGJR appears on a regular basis since 2015. In 2015, "Youth Quotas" was the only issue and is counted as Vol. 1 (1). Since 2016, the IGJR appears biannually (2016 = volume 2; 2017 = volume 3; etc.).
To cite an article in one of these issues, please indicate volume, issue and page number. For instance:
Bidadanure, Juliana (2015): Better Procedures for Fairer Outcomes: Youth Quotas in Parliaments. In: Intergenerational Justice Review, 1 (1), 4-10.

There have been six special issues before 2015 that are not numbered consecutively. To cite an article in one of these pre-2015 issues, please use page numbers only without "volume".
For instance:
Lumer, Christoph (2009): Climate Change, Intergenerational Justice and Development. In: Intergenerational Justice Review, pp. 88-94.


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