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The IGJR publishes articles from the disciplines of political science, philosophy, and international law, reflecting the current state of research on intergenerational justice. Find out more about policies and people.

For access to issues of the former sister-journal Journal für Generationengerechtigkeit (JfGG), please click here.

From 2013-2016 the IGJR benefited from a grant by the German Research Association

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.



Upcoming issue 01/2017 - Constitutions as Intergenerational Conracts: Flexible or fixed? (Part II)

The next IGJR issue will address the topic of "Constitutions as Intergenerational Contracts" as part two of a double issue. It will be available for download on 30 June 2017.  
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Call for Papers: Measuring Intergenerational Justice for Public Policy (Double Issue)


IGJR 2/2017 and 1/2018

For its upcoming double issue, the Intergenerational Justice Review (IGJR) invites submissions that address ways of measuring and empirically evaluating intergenerational justice, primarily in the field of public policy.

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